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  1. NO 1 LEABS!!!!!111!1!!!1!!!!!ONE!!!!!!
  2. No names! If you share a screen shot of someone else's post, their name must be blurred. We hate rules but this protects our group from being attacked and reported.
  3. You must be 18+ to join
  4. Just because we don't follow Facebook standards doesn't mean Anything Goes! The entire point of Gronp is that it's the friendliest place you can visit. We never argue, except in pretend, and our pretend arguments are ludicrous So if you spew hate or anger in Gronp, just leab.
  5. No Politics! Admeen fines politik meems bohring n wil deleet dem ef shee feil liek it. Yah em drunk on powar. Leab ef et hertz u sew bayud. O wate refer 2 rull 1.